Roof and Wall Panel

Freeman Group insulated roof panels are high performance, all-weather roofing options, designed for New Zealand’s climate and temperature ranges. Freeman Group insulated roof panels come in the trapezoid 4 Rib profile and are suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Insulated 4 Rib panel

Architectural Insulated Wall Panel

Freeman Group panels are manufactured and tested to BS EN 14509 standards from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring long term reliability and service life.

Architectural wall panel

Occupant Advantages

Passive temperature control for a more stable environment.

Superior water, condensation and moisture proofing.

Low allergenic qualities.

Superior seismic performance.

High fire rating for maximum inhabitant safety.

Paint and steel finish option.

Lifetime performance, with no deterioration
of airtightness or insulation values.

Steel Facing


Our standard colour is Titania. Other colours are available on
request. However, please note that the colour chart shown here is
indicative only and is as close as the printing process allows. If in
doubt before ordering, please refer to your Freeman Group agent’s
colour chart.

Zincalume® coating

The Zinc/Aluminium alloy coated steel has been formulated to give
a significantly longer service life than a galvanized coating. This is of
particular value in New Zealand where the prevailing winds carry
corrosive salt-laden air many kilometers inland.


Six Rib

Six Rib roofing has an extra rib compared to most other products, giving it a distinctive profile and greater rigidity.

Five Rib

Five Rib roofing is light, strong and stylish, perfect for both domestic and commercial applications.

Free Span

Free Span is a roll-formed steel profile roofing & cladding material for large commercial and industrial buildings.

Standing Seam Tray

A popular roof finish, the standing seam tray roof profile provides a modern, seamless appearance.