Roofing Materials

COLORSTEEL® Maxx – Colour steel roofing materials

Choose COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ when your roofing solution needs to withstand very severe environmental conditions. Recommended for coastal areas.

COLORSTEEL® Endura – Colour steel roofing materials

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ is the ‘roof of New Zealand’. Trusted and recognised as the first choice in coloured roofing iron and wall cladding.

Zinc – Zincalume® corrosion resistant roofing materials

Zincalume® provides an industrial, silvery, matt finish which will age over time and deliver superior, long-term corrosion resistance.

Galv – Galvsteel™ corrosion resistant lower-cost roofing iron

For use in moderate environments, Galvsteel™ is a lower-cost, zinc coated metal roofing and cladding solution.

Exotics – custom roofing materials

Pure zinc panels or copper tray roofing is increasingly popular in high value builds. Talk to a Freeman Group branch to discuss your exotic roofing material options.

Clear – polycarbonate roofing materials

Strong and light-weight, clear roofing protects from the harmful UV rays while creating an outdoor living area in your home.


New Zealand has a wide range of environmental conditions, from harsh West coast beaches to snowy alpine regions, your local conditions will determine which roofing materials are suitable for your project. See the chart below for more information on environmental categories and recommended materials. Or visit our step-by-step guide to getting started and Use our Address Checker to find out what environmental category your roofing project falls into and discover recommended materials for your project. This tool is only intended as a guide, please contact your local branch for specific advice.


Environmental categories are largely based on proximity to the coast and are used to determine which materials are suitable for your project. Our quick reference table below shows which Freeman products are suitable to use within different environmental categories. These categories can vary across different areas of New Zealand so it is important to talk to your local Freeman Group branch for an accurate information regarding your project. Download the New Zealand Steel Environmental Categories Guide for more in depth information on warranty periods, product recommendations, maintenance requirements and product usage restrictions


In New Zealand there are areas where local conditions create an increased likelihood of corrosion. Special consideration should be given to material selection in these areas. For more information about special environments please talk to your local branch.