Roofing and Wall Cladding Profiles

Profiles are the contours that give a roof personality; the curves, ridges and undulating patterns that lend each roof its distinctive look. We have a full range of roof profiles available for every design style and building type.

Not all COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel roofing is corrugated. Other profiles include Five Rib, Six Rib, Standing Seam Tray and Alpine Tray.

When designing your home, consider which profile is appropriate – each profile has a minimum pitch below which it should not be installed.
Certain profiles are only suitable for cladding, while others can be used for both cladding and roofing.


Corrugate is one of New Zealand’s most used roofing profiles. This timeless classic can recapture the style of yesteryear on a typical kiwi villa roof, as well as set trends as a modern roofing solution, wall cladding or fencing profile.

Six Rib

A modern profile fashioned for maximum strength. Six Rib is suitable for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial roofing uses.

Five Rib

Five Rib is a light, strong and contemporary style producing distinctive design solutions for both commercial and domestic uses.

Free Span

Free Span is a roll-formed long-run steel profile designed as a roofing and cladding solution for large commercial and industrial buildings.

Standing Seam Tray

Following a traditional European design, our Standing Seam Tray has a contemporary style, popular with designer homes.

Alpine Tray

A European style, Alpine Tray roofing is suitable for higher-value builds where distinctive visual appeal in alpine environments is desired.